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Four color prints and paper stock - Get the best combination

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Should I save money by printing my own photos?

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Four color prints and paper stock - Get the best combination

Four color prints and paper stock - Get the best combination

Four color prints are an overly familiar sight for you. You can see colorful magazines brochures catalogs and posters all of which are carefully stifled with colors.

Four-color process printing is a procedure combined with offset printing commonly used in commercial printing. It creates high volumes of quality varicolored prints at the most affordable prices in the shortest lap times.

As a client who wants the best printouts you can once twice or even three times think about whats happening in your prints. What are the best paper stocks or card stock?

Paper or card stock is as important as any other element of printing. It is through quality paper that ink is good. Its a quality paper layer that keeps your printouts long with thickness strength and durability.

What exactly is paper or card stock?

Paper or card stock is the paper or card used by the printer. It uses this store for many printing products.


Some people are afraid that such paper or cardboard layers are of poor quality. On the contrary professional printers have access to high-quality paper and card stock that gives them the freedom to use it for your prints.

Their access and transactions with different suppliers allow them to get the best quality stock at the best possible price.

Some people are also afraid that with the limited paper stocks that are provided for printing companies it is always best to use specialty paper. Apart from the paper stock other elements that get into the print can make and shape your prints to something unique. In fact they are always unique.

However if you continue to use a rare paper for your print project it is best to know what risks you may encounter.

Four-color process printing is calibrated to each paper layer used for printing. So that all paper or cardboard is used the print quality and quality are consistent. With an unfamiliar paper layer you can risk these for your prints.

Colored paper or cardboard layers are increasingly challenging. Ink is semi-transparent even though we see solid and bold colors on prints. If a cream-colored pulp is used the gel of your prints may become more intense and you will still have to balance it.

If you print on an untreated paper the ink will sip into the paper-producing point gain. This is where the halftone dots will spread.

Paper layers especially dark-colored can be overwhelming so your print design can be swallowed. The color will stop competing with the paper and will not work with it.

If you really want to see how your prints would go with your paper selection of choices ask your print company to give you a hard-copy security printed on your paper.

It is also more likely that with such complications it may be even more difficult for a printing company to print your design shift. This makes digital printing the only available option albeit an option with a brighter price tag.

Printing is the only service that almost every company there will need to buy in any form or form. They might need business cards stationery service forms flyers postcards and warranty cards. Each company is a potential prospect and can be a loyal customer who orders printing every year or earlier. Even individuals may need to print. The amazing fact about a printed matter is that there is no end to potential customers that can be acquired by an aggressive marketing campaign.

For truly amazing printing it helps to review which paper stocks are used by your print company so you can check if theyre really high quality. 100 lb Text is the thickest and heaviest paper. 100 lb Must be used for brochures and have lets say its a body. 14 pt. The cover is thick and durable used for business cards and postcards.

These are just some of the paper and cardboard used by the printer. Together four color prints work best with premium paper and card stock. Choose a printing company that can provide that combination and your printing will all be worth it.

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